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Having military personnel and commands in San Diego is no small gesture -- as the Department of Defense brings about $23.3 billion in direct spending annually into the county. Much of that money comes from the large U.S. Navy presence in the area. Fifty-three Navy ships call San Diego home -- nearly one-sixth of the Navy's entire fleet and about one-third of the U.S. Pacific Fleet.

Approximately 134,000 uniformed Military and DoD civilians currently work in various locations throughout San Diego County. These include active duty members of the Navy and Marines, civilian employees, and members of the Reserves.

Over 55,000 of these are members of the U.S. Navy, which represents one of every six members of the nation’s total Naval force. The largest share of the region’s Navy(24,000) is at Naval Base San Diego, including Sailors who may be deployed on various ships during the year. More than 51,000 Marines are based in San Diego, including the average number of recruits located here during the year (an estimated 3,900 in fiscal year 2016). More than one out of every four members serving nationwide in the Marine Corps is based in San Diego County. Camp Pendleton is home to about 36,000 of San Diego’s Marines.

An additional 21,500 civilian employees on the payrolls of the DoD support the operations of active duty personnel throughout the region. Defense dollars support approximately 6,300 members of the Armed Forces Reserves who reside in San Diego County.

Navy housing is at a premium in San Diego due to the large number of personnel and limited amount of military housing in the county. There are over 33,000 military families in the San Diego area. Approximately 25% of these families are housed in government quarters. There are 9,130 government homes located in 37 housing sites throughout San Diego. Of these homes, 8,580 are enlisted units and 550 are officer units. Depending on the housing site selected, waiting times can be as little as 0-3 months, or as long as 18-24 months or more.
Please visit website for officer wait times and for enlisted wait times, for more information on housing availability, size of quarters, waiting time, pet restrictions, etc.

Where to go in Time of Need
The Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society, a non-profit charitable organization assists Navy and Marine Corps personnel and their families in time of need by providing emergency transportation, funeral expenses, medical/dental bill assistance, food, rent and utilities, disaster relief assistance, child care expenses and essential vehicle repairs.

There are six Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society Offices in San Diego to aid military and families, staffed by well-trained volunteers. The Relief Society can also provide loans for education, budget counseling, visiting nurse services and more.

Contact one of the local offices for assistance or referral services:
Camp Pendleton Marine Corps Base, Bldg. 1121 (760) 725-5337
Camp Pendleton North, Bldg. 520512 (760) 725-7497
MCRD San Diego Marine Corps Recruit Depot, Bldg. 14 (619) 524-5734
Miramar Marine Corps Air Station, Bldg. 2273 Elrod Ave (858) 577-1807
North Island Naval Base Coronado, Bldg. 318 (619) 545-4477
San Diego Naval Base San Diego, Bldg. 270, (619) 767-6800

TRICARE is the managed health care program of the Department of Defense, which provides health care services for members of the Uniformed Services and their families, Medicare eligible, non-Medicare eligible retirees, their families and survivors. Developed in conjunction with the Civilian Health and Medical programs of the Uniformed Services (CHAMPUS), TRICARE is meant to utilize the best resources possible for DoD beneficiaries. This is carried out through managed care support contracts with civilian health care providers.

CHAMPUS beneficiaries have a choice of four health care plans under TRICARE:
TRICARE Standard: This was formerly called Standard CHAMPUS -- a pay as you go option which requires annual deductibles based on the military member's pay grade and cost shares. This option gives beneficiaries the most leeway in choosing a provider, but is also the most costly plan for the beneficiary.

TRICARE Extra: The beneficiary can choose any CHAMPUS certified provider, however, there is a discount from the TRICARE Standard cost if a network provider is used. Also, the CHAMPUS deductible must be met before cost share begins.

TRICARE Prime: This enrollment option guarantees expedient access to care with the most benefits by offering lower costs, less paperwork and a Primary Care Manager to coordinate health care needs. By enrolling in TRICARE Prime, the beneficiary must designate a civilian health care provider, such as NAVCARE or another approved doctor/clinic, or a military treatment facility as his or her primary health care provider.

TRICARE For Life: 65 and older A and B eligible. Medicare-eligible retirees, including retired guard members and reservists, Medicare-eligible family members and widows and widowers-,dependent parents and parents-in-law are excluded.
Non-CHAMPUS eligible beneficiaries are still able to use military treatment facilities on a space-available basis.

Fleet and Family Readiness Programs
The Navy formed the Family Service Center to help improve the quality of life for military members and their families -- a major priority of the service today. FFSC is located in multiple sites on- and off-base to serve you, including: Naval Base San Diego, Naval Base Coronado and Naval Base Point Loma, and in the Navy housing areas of Murphy Canyon, the Village at Serra Mesa, Bayview Hills, Gateway Village and Santee. FFSCs provide information and referral services, education and training classes, personal financial management, counseling, family advocacy education, life skills development, relocation assistance, financial and consumer education as well as employment assistance for family and transitioning service members, deployment support, ombudsman support and counseling for retired and active-duty Sailors and family members. All FFSC programs and services are free and confidential. Visit the FFSC website to view current and upcoming programs and workshops.

Fleet and Family Service Centers in San Diego include:
Naval Base San Diego, Bldgs 259 & 263 (619) 556-7404
Naval Base Coronado, 318 (619) 545-6071
Naval Base Point Loma, Bldgs 211 & 212 (619) 553-7505
Bayview Hills Branch, 1967 Sky Harbor Rd. (619) 556-1275
Gateway Village Branch, 3207 Rosecrans Place (619) 222-5548
Murphy Canyon Branch, 4867T Santo Rd (858) 277-4259
Santee Branch,8120 Arlette St. (619) 556-1275
The Village at Serra Mesa Branch, 3141 Afton Rd. (619) 556-1277

Transition Assistance
Through the Family Service Center's Transition Assistance Management Program, separating military personnel are able to receive individualized job search and transition assistance. Historic figures indicate approximately 13,000 personnel separate annual from active duty in San Diego County. Current figures are not available. While many of these individuals have technical training, leadership job skills and varied experience gained through military service, transitioning into the civilian community can often be a difficult process.

Several programs for prior enlisted and officer personnel are available including a seminar on starting a second career with help in resume writing, cover letters and interview techniques. Also, VA assistance programs for those released from active duty for physical disabilities are offered through the Family Service Center.

Combined Federal Campaign
Commander Naval Base spearheads the San Diego County Combined Federal Campaign each year, raising funds through military, DoD civilians for human health care agencies, national and international agencies and San Diego County and California agencies. During the 2016 fund drive, about $3.2 million was raised for CFC. The drive runs from September to December each year. To contribute, contact your local CFC coordinator at your command, or call (858) 636-4114.

Sexual Harassment
A toll-free sexual harassment advice and counseling telephone line is staffed by trained Navy personnel at the Bureau of Naval Personnel from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. (EST) on government working days by calling 1-800-253-0932. During off hours, there is an answering machine. The line was established in 1992 to arm those military and DoD personnel who feel they have been sexually harassed, those who have been accused of harassment and others, with information on military policies on the subject of sexual harassment.

Military Crisis Line
If you’re a Service member in crisis or know a Service member who is, confidential support is only a phone call, click, or text away — 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.
1-800-273-8255, press 1

Navy Lodges
Miramar: (858) 271-7111
Naval Station: (619) 234-6142
North Island: (619) 435-0191
Reservations in Continental U.S.: (800) NAVY-INN

TRICARE Out Patient Clinic
Although not run by Naval Medical Center San Diego, TRICARE clinics in San Diego see military beneficiaries, if CHAMPUS eligible and if all TRICARE requirements are met. Contact each clinic individually for more information:
TRICARE Out Patient Clinic South Bay: (619) 532-8225
TRICARE Out Patient Clinic Clairemont Mesa: (858) 569-6664


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